Share the road

Roads everywhere are getting busier. Each user must share the road, whether they are driving cars or heavy equipment, or riding bicycles. Sharing the road is a challenge when the vehicle in front of us or coming toward us is a tractor, often very large and moving slowly. Road sharing also requires great vigilance from farmers who have no choice but to use public roads to move from one field to another with imposing equipment.

For the driver of agricultural equipment

With authorization to drive on public roads, farmers who drive agricultural equipment maneuver with caution. They follow many regulations, such as not driving on the shoulder, complying with daytime and nighttime visibility standards, keeping to the 40 km/h maximum speed limit, and avoiding cargo spills. As much as possible, farmers will plan their movements outside of peak traffic hours.

For other road users

The Highway Safety Code allows drivers to cross a single or double solid line to pass farm machinery, but only if the passing maneuver is without danger. To do this safely, a driver must check that the lane is free for a sufficient distance, and that the tractor driver is not preparing to turn into a field, for example. Drivers should also maintain a safe distance from the farm vehicle, before and after passing, and slow down when approaching farms or entry points for cultivated fields. By adopting careful, respectful behaviour, we can facilitate farm work and avoid unfortunate collisions.

The presence of farm machinery on the roads is higher at certain times of the year, especially in the spring during planting season and in the fall during harvest season. Patience, prudence, and mutual respect are the golden rule. This is for everyone’s safety.