Commitment to community life and culture

The municipality recognizes that culture and community life play a significant role in improving the quality of life, well being and overall health of the community as well as creating strong ties within it.

This is the place to look for all the information you need for planning activities with information on the organizations that contribute to the cultural and community life of Ormstown. Please feel free to contact us for further information.

The Ormstown Municipal Library

55 Isabelle Street, suite 100, Ormstown

Contact information
Telephone : 450 829-3249
Visit our Facebook page.

Opening Hours

Tuesday : 1 p.m. to 8 p.m
Wednesday : 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. ( closed from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m.)
Thursday : 1 p.m. to 8 p.m.
Saturday: 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Details and information

For information about everything your library has to offer (digital loans, inter-library loans, activities, etc.), visit the Réseau Biblio de la Montérégie website.

Please note that the library is available to Ormstown residents only and to residents of other municipalities that are members of the CRSBP (Réseau Biblio de la Montérégie).

Other municipalities that have CRSBP membership: Sainte-Barbe, Saint-Anicet, Saint-Stanislas-de-Kostka, Saint-Louis-de-Gonzague, Saint-Étienne-de-Beauharnois, Sainte-Martine, Hemmingford, Saint-Isidore, Saint-Édouard, Sainte-Clothilde and Saint-Urbain-Premier.


  • Jacqueline Bourgoin
  • Amanda Aitchison
  • Francyne Dorais
  • Lyne Sylvestre
  • Terri Kerr
  • Geneviève Perreault
  • Philippe Perreault


  • Louise Beauchamp
  • Cheryl Vallée
  • Sylvie Guérin

Thanks to our volunteers and employees

More information to come.

  • Recreation center : 87, Roy, 450 829-2625 ext: 213
  • Club de curling: 7, Châteauguay St., 450 829-3563
  • Royale Canadian Legion: 33, du Prince-Albert St., 450 829-2614
  • MacDougall Hall: 17 Lambton St., Marguerite Bromley 450 829-3755
  • Expo Ormstown: 1 McBain St., Susan Morisson

A number of varied events of interest to everyone are held annually in Ormstown.

  • Expo Ormstown
  • Rock’N’Rods
  • Catholic Church annual Bazaar
  • Horse race
  • Christmas Market
  • Barrie Memorial Hospital Women’s Auxiliary annual bazaar
  • Course de Rudolph
  • Noël Enchanté

Sports, recreation and youth

Ormstown Soccer Club

87, Roy Street, P.O. Box 86
450 322-1123

Ormstown Curling Club

7 Chateauguay Street
Ormstown (Québec) J0S 1K0
450 829-2855

Ormstown Scouts group

Cory Ovans


Renee Sabetta-Cavers
450 829-3685

4H Club

Ms. Caitlin MacDougall
450 829-3851

Sandbag Club

Mr. Martial Duquette
450 829-3174

ATV Club ‘Les Visons’

Mr. René Gauthier
P.O. Box 17
Ormstown (Québec) J0S 1K0
450 829-3503

Saracens Rugby Club

Samantha Rankin

Kennel Club

Barbara Collins
450 829-3323 |

Maison des Jeunes d’Huntingdon

104, Lorne St., suite 102
Huntingdon (Québec) J0S 1H0
450 322-6140

Huntingdon Minor Hockey League Association

1567 Fairview Road, P.O. Box 509
Hinchinbrooke (Québec) J0S 1H0
450 264-5205

C.V.H.C. (Châteauguay Valley Horse Club)

Ms. Sandra Myatt, President
450 264-3085

Huntingdon Figure Skating Club

1567 Fairview Road
Hinchinbrooke (Québec) J0S 1H0
450 264-5205

Quebec Special Olympics – Southwest Quebec

Ms. Ariane Chrétien-Boucher
5311, blvd de Maisonneuve W, 2nd Floor
Montréal (Québec) H4A 1Z5
514 843-8778 ext. 233


Branches & Roots Folk Music Festival (and monthly folk music concerts)

Mr. Gordon Furey
450 829-3463

Ormstown Fair

Mrs Stéphanie Maynard, President
1 McBain Street
Ormstown (Québec) J0S 1K0


Ormstown Lions Club

Mrs Jocelyne Younie, President
450 802-7390

Ormstown Golden Age Club

Colette Leduc
450 843-8064

Royal Canadian Legion

33 Prince-Albert Street
Ormstown (Québec) J0S 1K0
450 829-2614

St. Jean Baptiste Society

Ms. Monique Côté Allen
450 829-3180

Women’s Auxiliary of the Barrie Memerial Hospital

Ms. Louise Rollin
450 921-2004

Support Groups

Friperie Église Saint-Malachie

10, rue Bridge
450 829-2211

Une Affaire de famille

Parental workshops, daycare and much more

Ms. Gabrielle Limoges, Director
19 Bridge Street
Ormstown (Québec) J0S 1K0
Facebook Page | Facebook Group

Le Tournant

Centre de crise et de prévention du suicide + services de réadaptation en santé mentale

414, rue Salaberry Ouest
Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, Qc J6T 2K3
Tél. : 450 371-2820
Fax. : 450 371-2681

Ligne téléphonique d’intervention de crise et de prévention du suicide 24 h/7 jours : 450 371-4090 ou 1-833 371-4090 (ligne sans frais)

Alcoholics Anonymous

Weekly meetings in Ormstown
Info : 371-8582

Ancre et ailes

Ms. Geneviève Couture, Coordinator
10 Bridge Street, P.O. Box 102
Ormstown (Québec) J0S 1K0
450 829-3491

SRSOR (Southwest & Renfort Rehabilitation Services)

31-33, Hector St.
Ormstown (Québec) J0S 1K0
450 829-2908

SABEC (Community and Volunteer Accompaniment Service)

33 Hunter Street
Huntingdon (Québec) J0S 1H0
450 264-1131

Haut St.Laurent Family Resources Centre

Parents and Children 0-4 years of age

16 King Street
Huntingdon (Québec) J0S 1H0
450 264-4598

Big Brothers, Big Sister of the Suroit

450 377-8492

La Bouffe Additionnelle

16 Prince Street, suite 105
Huntingdon (Québec) J0S 1H0
450 264-2241

Friperie Communautaire Huntingdon

4, rue Lorne, Suite 105
Huntingdon (Québec) J0S 1H0
450 264-4775


450 371-9533

Environment & Wildlife

Chateauguay River Rehabilitation Committee

Mr. Stéphane Hanley
450 825-2626


Félix Blackburn, Director
450 826-1114


Église Catholique Saint-Malachie

10, rue Bridge
450 829-2211

Église Unie Saint-Paul

19, rue Lambton

Église St-James (Anglicane)

19, rue Church
450 264-5443

Église du Village

rue Lambton

What is a municipal family policy (MFP)

A MADA is a municipality that:

  • Put a brake on ageism;
  • Knows how to adapt its policies, services and structures;
  • Acts in a comprehensive and integrated manner;
  • Promotes the participation of seniors
  • Relies on consultation and mobilization of the entire community

Age Friendly Municipality policy (English version coming soon)

What is a municipal family policy (MFP)

Although there is no official definition for a MFP, the following four points define key aspects:

  • the expression of political will to act on behalf of families including all their members from youngest to oldest;
  • a collective process involving community stakeholders;
  • a frame of reference and an action plan;
  • a guide that ensures the implementation and follow-up of measures adopted by the council.

The MFP, including its action plan, is a municipal policy lever that:

  • develops a collective approach to “Think and act family”;
  • contributes to advancing municipal measures
  • addresses family issues
  • promotes municipal involvement favouring families;
  • mobilises community stakeholders (elected officials, municipal employees, families and partners);
  • helps identify new issues affecting families and puts them on the political agenda;
  • supports the parents of very young children (0-5 years), children (6-12 years), adolescents (13-17 years) and young adults (18-25 years);
  • represents a collective strength.

The Municipality of Ormstown’s MFP follows three main guideline

1. Provide citizens with tools to enhance their level of security

The safety component of an area, from a single residential neighbourhood at the village centre through to commercial arteries, represents an important criterion when deciding to settle in a municipality. Ormstown understands this and over the coming years, the Municipality will support residents in this regard by consolidating active transportation and increasing access to health services.

2. Provide citizens with tools to support them at every stage of their growth

A new baby, a new professional challenge, developing new interests, children leaving home… every family changes over time. Between now and 2022, the Municipality will do all it can to support the population in matters of environmental policy and quality of life, housing and education.

3. Equip citizens to nurture their social network

Social networking is a resource for all and everyone benefits by connecting with others. In the coming years, Ormstown will encourage its residents to get out into the community and enjoy it to the fullest.

Action plan

Support community organisations
  • Favoriser la pérennité des organismes communautaires sur le territoire
Urban planning and development
  • Highlight our built heritage (guided tours, website)
  • Foster developing new facilities (parks, library, street furniture)
  • Promote active and safe transportation in the territory (bike path, intersections, speed)
  • Maintain quality health services (recruiting)
  • Promote adopting a healthy lifestyle
  • Promote public transportation
Environment and quality of life
  • Promote household composting
  • Increase the participation rate for collecting recyclable waste
  • Continue efforts to reduce water consumption in the region
  • Promote local agriculture
  • Make the natural environment more accessible to residents
  • Improve quality of life for families
  • Increase availability of housing in the territory
  • Foster family oriented residential development projects by advocating for active transportation
Day care services/education
  • Revitalise day camp activities
  • Improve availability of leisure activities in the region
  • Encourage families to be physically active
  • Expand range of cultural activities
Municipal administration
  • Improve communication with residents

The Act instituting civil unions and establishing new rules of filiation adopted in 2002 gives mayors and municipal councillors, who would like to be designated authorised officiants, the authority to perform marriage and civil union ceremonies. This competence is exercised on a voluntary basis given that only elected officials and municipal employees who make the request to the ministère de la Justice are designated “authorised officiants”.

Councillor Michelle Greig, is authorised to officiate for marriages and civil unions in Ormstown.

More information to come.