Monitoring and maintenance

The Department of Public Works municipal employees monitor and maintain our road and lighting networks as well as the pumping system and distribution of drinking water.

The Public Works department is made up of nine people who work hard to ensure the following services are maintained of the roads, the drinking water and the waste water.

Drinking water

The pump and distribution network of potable water requires daily surveillance by a team of certified technicians. The network consists of three wells, 16 km of conduits, and two reservoirs one of which is above ground.

Waste water

The 17 km of sewage conduits, six pumping stations and a water treatment plant make up our collection and treatment system.


The network is composed of 84 km of roads and streets, 150 culverts and seven bridges. Maintenance consists of asphalting, upkeep of ditches and repairs to culverts and bridges.

Public lighting

More than 335 lampposts light our streets and roads in order to ensure your safety. In the event of a broken light, do not hesitate to contact us by phone at 450 829-2625.