Collection Day

Garbage pick-up will now be on Fridays. Containers must be placed at the curb before 7 am on Fridays, but not before 6 pm on Thursdays.

Acceptable Containers

Bins on wheels of 240 or 360 litres
Accepted colours: black, green or grey

Maximum Quantity

Quantity is limited to 2 m3 per residence. Each residence is allowed more than one bin (maximum of 6). Each bin has a manufacturer weight capacity.

How to place your bin at the road

To facilitate the collection, wheels must face the house. Therefore, the opening is towards the road. Place your bin at a maximum distance of 1 metre from the road.


Recycling pick-up is every Thursday for all residents. 240 or 360 litre bins on wheels are accepted.

To help discard of bulky items, there will be 10 collections this year between April and November (see calendar).

Examples of large articles: mattresses, sofas, appliances, furniture etc.


There are 10 collections per year. Green waste includes leaves, garden waste and small branches of less than .5 cm in diameter and 1 metre in length (branches must be attached). Paper and plastic bags are accepted.

Christmas trees will be picked-up during the week of January 5th to 10th, 2022. Make sure that they are not buried in the snow and that all the decorations are removed.


The Ecocentre is located at 9 St-Paul Street. It is open on certain Saturdays from 8 am to 12 pm. Consult the attached document for the details and conditions of the service. Please see dates on the collection calendar.


Collections of dangerous domestic waste are organized by the MRC of the Haut St. Laurent.

The presence of symbols can help identify certain RDDs

Home composting

Below are some useful tools to help you with your home composting. Home composting can divert a lot of material from landfill, create fertile soil that can be used at home, and avoid polluting landfills with leachate.